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Re: perceptible floor slopes

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In a message dated 11/22/98 8:00:56 PM, rnester(--nospam--at) writes:

>I recently inspected an older home that had a
>floor sloping a constant 1 inch per ten feet (~0.85%).  It was not
>noticeable to me or a builder who accompnaied me, nor had the occupants

Just out of curiosity, was it on a hillside?  How steep?  What type of soil?
How old (the house)?

I once inspected a house that had a 14" (sic) slope from one end to the
other--the owners HAD noticed it!!!  It was built in the 60s above what had
been bay shore until it was filled.  

Thanks,   Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E., Richmond CA