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Re: INTERNET: Mailing Lists

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Keep on sayin what your sayin Dennis.
Great job of bringing this back into focus.

Barry H. Welliver.

"Dennis S. Wish PE" wrote:

> I have one last comment then I'm gone from this thread.
> Polhemus missed this in all of his posts. SEAint IS an information
> collecting services. Threads related to structural topics are archived for
> retrieval by those who may need the information when faced with a similar
> problem.
> The more information we collect, the greater then chance that any member who
> needs the help will find it in one easy location.
> Polhemus is interested in the social aspects of the list and this is fine. I
> save content relevant to the work I do so that when I am faced with a
> dilemma, I review the opinions of my peers and decide on the appropriate
> course of action.
> Regardless of who believes this to be an important service or who believes
> who should lead in the development of this medium the fact remains that
> SEAint was the first to put up the dollars, purchase the server, establish
> this list for the last four to six years and not ask anything in return from
> those who subscribe. The fact that the server and the sponsorship for SEAint
> belongs to Structural Engineers Association of Southern California with the
> support of SEA of California indicates that one of the most influential
> professional organizations has identified the need to pull other
> organizations together, virtually, for the purpose of solving problems
> without the duplication of effort.
> Still, the SEAint List which appears to be more of a social club to some -
> is in fact the most successful virtual peer help system established today.
> Finally, if not for the SEAint List - Polhemus and others would not have the
> opportunity to seek subscribers with common interest on the Internet and
> invite them to his list.
> This is not gloating, this is simply fact.
> Personally, I am similar to Polhemus in that I am not normally a joiner -
> nor have I ever been accused of being a company man. The fact is that a few
> people in SEAoSC had the vision to see where this trend was going and
> decided, over the many obstacles , to make this a reality. I am pleased to
> be one of the founders of this - as is Shafat Qazi who's knowledge of the
> Internet, hardware and programming made our dreams a reality.
> This would also not have been possible without the support of the SEAoSC and
> SEAOC Computer Applications Committee member - including Bruce Bates, Mark
> Deardorff, Steven Fisher, Jerry Murdock, Dennis McCroskey, James Lord, Claud
> St Amond (sorry if I spell this wrong), Larry Mackey, Joseph Horouni, Ken
> O'Dell and others I am sure I have missed. These are the core people who
> volunteered their efforts to make the List, Web and SEA Online (for six
> years) a reality. These are the individuals who deserve credit and who have
> worked silently in the background with no other expectation than to make
> this real. The same individuals who went to the SEAOSC and SEAOC board of
> directors and opened their eyes to the possibilities. These are the same
> individuals who continue to develop the transports that the structural
> engineering professionals need to evolve into the next millennium.
> We do not wish to stagnate the Listservice. The majority of members of SEAOC
> (including each chapter) understand that what we created is a very important
> tool to the future of our profession yet is in the infancy stage.  As the
> adoption of the IBC becomes a reality, even SEAOT will need to be involved
> in the creation of codes they expect to enforce.
> We realized that there was a need to reduce expenditures caused by increased
> cost of Committee meetings - especially on a national level. We have also
> reached out to engineers who were geographically challenged by distance from
> their peer. Those who needed advice and had no other engineers close enough
> could simply post a question and get a dozen answers. This happened to be my
> selfish expectation as I moved 150 miles away from Los Angeles and did not
> want to lose my connection with SEAOSC or ability to seek help with problems
> I faced in private practice.
> In closing, I apologize if it sounds like I am overly passionate on this
> issue. Many of us continue to devote our time and energy for what we
> perceive as the development of the tools that our profession needs to do
> productive work.
> Thanksgiving, is a time in which we should stop and remember those in the
> background and who we seem to be taking for granted.
>  I object to subscribers denigrating SEAint in spite of all the work that
> SEAint has accomplished over the last few years.
> I suggest you go to the middle of this letter and review those names I've
> posted - these are the devoted "joiners" who cared enough to make this
> Listservice possible. They have worked in the background and have for over
> six years remained anonymous. Other than Shafat and I, these are the
> backbone that help make these "tools" a reality for over 12,000
> professionals around the world. This is a good time (in the U.S. our
> Thanksgiving Day) to remember them.
> Respectfully,
> Dennis S. Wish PE
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> Sent: Tuesday, November 24, 1998 6:24 PM
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> Subject: Re: INTERNET: Mailing Lists
> Bill
> >I am not suggesting that I or anyone else "abandon" the SEAINT listserv.
> >However, I think there may be sufficient interest (guaging from the
> response
> >I've received thus far) for Texas Structural Engineers to have their own
> If I may suggest:
> Have regional listservers.  But have also a combined listserver available.
> This can be done by having the combined listserver subscribe to the various
> regional listservers.
> In addition, noone should be able to post to the combined list servers
> directly.  Replys should be magically directed to the thread's originating
> regional listserver.