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Mailing List for Texas Structural Engineering

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From: Shafat Qazi

My feeling on another list server:

Good Idea!

But I oppose linking it to an organization. Let us have another list server
based on content not on location/association. e.g. you could have separate
list servers such as:


That is my one cent worth.


I receive the list in digest form.  I really like receiving it but it is
frustrating to page through all the comments related to seismic design for
me since it is not relevant here.  I am sure I will eventually leave the
list because it is to time consuming.  I would love to see the list broken
up as Shafat suggests, except I would limit the divisions to "zone 4",
"engr-jokes" and "all other structural engr."

Roger Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.
Eau Claire, WI