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Re: base plate bending

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Eurocode 3 is based on elastic analysis in this case (hence bt2/6, which is the elastic section modulus, S, for a rectangle); AISC-LRFD uses plastic (i.e. limit state) analysis, hence bt2/4 (which is the plastic section modulus, Z, for a rectangle). In my opinion, elastic analysis of base plates (and for all connections, for that matter) is grossly conservative, if not to say wrong.

Reidar Bjorhovde


At 09:28 AM 11/25/98 +0200, you wrote:
dear sirs

while eurocode 3 uses w=b.t2/6 for base plates,lrfd uses w=b.t2/4. both follow load resistance factor design procedures.
your valuable comments are wellcome.

rauf akbaba



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