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Re: CBC Vs. UBC Do I need another Code?

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David Carpenter wrote:

> At 04:09 PM 11/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
> >As for structural provisions for a project not covered by DSA or OSHPD, the
> >requirements are basically the same for structural design.
> I respectfully suggest that you are mistaken.  I would not design a
> building that requires use of the CBC using the UBC.

Only the CBC Chapters 16-23 without the further designation "A" are applicable
to the structural work on privately funded projects. Chapters 16A-23A are quite
different and must be used on public schools, hospitals etc.  The non- "A"
chapters of the CBC are essentially the same as the UBC Chapters.  If you do
not do OSA or OSHPD work you could remove these chapters from your code book.

No state agency has the authority to modify structural requirements across the
board for all occupancies.  Only OSHPD and DSA/SSS have significant structural
amendments and these only apply within their respective jurisdictions.

On the other hand, the CBC must be used for non-structural design (fire & life
safety and disabled access).

Bob Bossi