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RE: In search of C.K. Wang - Author/S.E

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keep us all posted of what you find out.  Most of us have either their concrete or steel book on our shelves

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Subject:	RE: In search of C.K. Wang - Author/S.E

 << File: ATT00019.htm >> Jerome:

C. K. Wang and Chuck Salmon are both alive and well, and semi-retired (the
permanent state of a fully retired professor).  You can reach either of them
through the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  I recommend that you
contact the Chair of the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, Dr.
Robert Smith, at smithrl(--nospam--at) and he will put you in contact with
them.  Chuck Salmon is still on the lecture circuit.  I wouldn't be
surprised to find that C. K. Wang is maintaining a matrix-intensive web site
out there somewhere!  

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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Subject: In search of C.K. Wang - Author/S.E

I am an avid programmer of Design Programs using Turbo Pascal. I have often
referred to the textbook "Reinforced Concrete Design" (4ed by the way) by
Chu-Kia Wang and Charles G. Salmon as a reference and for validating.

I would like to get in touch with C.K. Wang concerning some sample problems
in this book but do not know where to get in touch with him. Anybody out
there who could give me his e-mail address?

Thanks a lot in advance.

from the Philippines,
Jerome AM Tan