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FW: CONCRETE: Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete (SFRC)`

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Well, this type of construction has been successfully implemented before in
US.  It's been also popular in Europe especially in Germany, Austria,
Denmark and Russia as well as in Japan.

Call Vulkan Harex in Germany at (0 23 25) 59 09-0 (I know they have
representation in US, but I don't have any contact information) or call
Ribbon Technology at 1-800-848-0477 or 1-614-864-5444.  These companies are
the producers of steel fibers and they have an extensive list of successful
projects in US and abroad.  They will also assist you in specifying the
amount and the type of fibers to be used.  Also I have a little write up
about the SFRC technology that my father and I were working on in Russia.
Let me know if you are interested.


Sasha Itsekson

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I still think a conventionally reinforced slab with a couple of inches of
Master Builders' Anvil Top will hold up better over time.

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	NOT secondary reinforcement: the SFRC will not have any other

	FWIW, we are looking into it for a building grade slab which will be
used as
	an operating floor for a waste incinerator, and will have garbage
dumped on
	it, and heavy equipment (front end loaders, etc.) operating on it.

	We have it on good authority from a contractor who has built several
of them
	that this IS the way to go.