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Re: Christmas Trees :)

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I am not an expert on tree weights but I have been handling a large 
number of treated dry poles, ranging in length from 20 to 40 feet at 
various diameters.

If I were to guess, given the fact that the tree will be freshly cut and 
have a full canopy of branches, I would say between 2,500 and 5,000 
pounds depending on the species of tree & trunk diameter.

Hope that is of some use to you.


>Okay, here is a tough one:
>We are supposed to design a support for a Christmas tree that could be
>as tall as 80 feet.
>I looked in the UBC wind table and could not find anything applicable,
>except the "other" category.
>What would be the appropriate wind load on a nicely tapered tree??
>Also, does anyone know how much an 80 ft. tall tree would weigh :)
>Boy, the things I do :)