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Re: Deck Support

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This is a typical detail that I have also used on several jobs. Bent plate
closure plate would be adequate if the cantilevered deck span is rather
small. The type of curtain wall which will be attached and supported by the
cantilever deck may be too heavy and the plate alone may not be adequate.
In such case I have designed cantilever angles welded to the beam placed at
say 4' o.c. along the beam and span the bent plate over them. I would also
specify welded studs to upper edge of the bent plate to make a positive
connection to the deck. Another solution would be to place top bars in the
concrete deck for cantilever action. In some jobs I have combined both
Karim Hosseinzadeh, SE
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Subject: RE: Deck Support
Date: Wednesday, November 25, 1998 12:17 PM


I have used following solution before and it worked well.  Stopping the
at the beam and then use a bent plate to cantilever the rest of the
distance.  The bent plate will do double duty as a pour stop.

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    I am designing an industrial building.   On the edge of the building
there is 2 feet from the column centerline to the outside face of brick. 
problem is supporting the deck.  The deck, 2" composite with 5 1/2" slab)
will cantilever in the direction of its span with no problem but support in
the other direction is a problem.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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