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RE: INTERNET: Mailing Lists

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Ray, this brings up an interesting concern. Polhemus had a valid point - and
I paraphrase - that our archives can become filled with extraneous, useless
or inflated (duplicated) information.

More to the point, most posts do not filter out the start of a thread, but
continue to add to it - including the famous SEAint boiler plate at the
bottom of the post. I would venture a guest that if this extraneous
information were deleted from the archives, the size of the archive files
can be reduced to close to ten percent of their present size.

There are tens of thousands of messages that pass through this list in the
last few years - all of which are archived. I would believe that this would
be wasteful, costly to store and potentially time consuming when used to
search information.

I would believe that there are tools to recursively removed unwanted
information from posts on the archives, remove posts that are not needed
(such as simple responses, duplicate responses, non-engineering issues and

This is one of the tasks that the new SEAint Committee needs to address.
It's important to keep in mind that unlimited storage should not promote
waste and that engineers needing important information may not want to spend
the time or resources to retrieve it.

Happy Turkey Day,

Dennis Wish PE

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>Possibly, rather than create that much more daily
>posts for those not interested, the email can be forwarded to the archives

That too.  But remember that there will always be people that want to get