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RE: INTERNET: Mailing Lists

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just like to put forward my 2 cents.

I think the 'problem' may not be so much of archival or database search.
It is more about information overload.

An effective but labor intensive & painstaking way is perhaps
moderation (by humans).  E.g. one could setup a separate mailing list
e.g. seaint-announce or seaint-news in which mainly announcements, faq
, summaries and references would be posted there by a group of moderators.
Of course, subjected to the bias of the moderators.

Alternatively, if that means too much work, there are many 
software tools which each of us could use on our local PC.

a.  Get an e-mail app with a good mail filter functionality.
I kind of remember Eudora Pro, MS Exchange having this capability.
Personally, i am using procmail. Procmail is a mail filter which runs
mainly on unix (Linux in my case) that allows very flexible mail filtering
schemes. Procmail can be downloaded from many sites on the internet,
but it is not easy to setup as one would need a fairly knowledgable
about the unix environment.

b.  Get an e-mail app that lets you preview the first few
Some e-mail applications lately have surfaced with a preview capability.
E.g. U could use Netscape Mail in that sense.

c.  Use an application with a full text search capability.
These are good for digging up archives for things. But they are 
not always effective, as chances are that it will return tons
of junk along side the things you are actually looking for.
I've tried Lotus Notes which has such a feature, but I'm sure
there are many more.

As for the boiler-plate, on the server itself, it may be
possible to configure it so as to save incoming messages verbatim in
the raw form so that it won't go into the archives.

To save Internet bandwidth & storage, we could perhaps co-operate
by not including long original messages in replies. A good number
of e-mail readers nowadays are able to organise mails into threads
if they have a RE: prefix with the same subject line.

Wish u a merry X'mas

    Andrew Goh