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Re: INTERNET: Mailing Lists

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FWIW, I just glommed on to a neat resource, at

This lets you register your email list, and it will frequently--I believe
about once per week--archive it for you and index it in a searchable database.

Therefore, even for such a tiny little list as mine, we should have full
indexed search capabilities.  Pretty cool!

FWIW, they do this, of course, while sticking advertisments in your face, as
is the custom with most "free" stuff on the 'Net.

So, to continue my theme:  Technology Plus Mass-Marketing have conspired to
make many of the "features" of mailing lists that used to be labor- and
cost-intensive rather trivial.

Andrew Goh wrote:

> hi,
> just like to put forward my 2 cents.
> I think the 'problem' may not be so much of archival or database search.
> It is more about information overload.