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Re: Bridge Analysis Program

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

>Oh, and I did get a demo from STRAP for their STRAPBridge module, but the
>demo was not interactive, and they would not commit to an interactive
>demos.  My policy is that canned demos are useless.

Our demo-tutorial is intended either for our users as a training tool, or
for engineers looking for a program that can offer them advantages over
their current methods or software. It is clearly described as such at

"Demos" have a stigma as being "watered down" versions of the program they
are supposed to represent. That is why we offer STRAPIntro - a COMPLETE
program for those that need to check the program out prior to purchase.
See a complete description of its features at

Our latest version of STRAPIntro includes Composite design of simple and
continuous members to the US, Canadian, and AASHTO specifications as well as
some of our add-on features:

US and Canadian (steel and concrete) Codes, AASHTO steel design(ASD and
LRFD), Light Gauge Design (ASD &LRFD).  See our complete specifications at for a detailed description of the features
included in STRAPIntro. In addition STRAPIntro includes our unique feature
STRAPSway (see details at not available
in any other software package.

Users of STAAD can check how easy it is to read STAAD input into STRAPIntro
to realize that their old files are still usable.

For those interested in bridge design we include our bridge module in

If you have any questions, you can contact me privately
Thank you Bill for mentioning STRAP

Garrick Goldenberg, P.E.
ATIR Engineering Software
24 Fairfax Road
Needham, MA 02492
Tel. 1.800.644.6441
(for int'l calls 781.444.9944)
Fax 781.444.3464
email: garrick(--nospam--at)
For the latest news about STRAP, check our web site