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RE: Bulding structures on roller froundationsw

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    USC hospital was indeed designed using lead-rubber base isolation
systems and it did behave very well during Northridge.  You coul get
information relating USC hospital by contacting DIS ; they
have some interesting brochures and papers that you may found quite
interesting and easy to understand.
    There was another fully instrumented base isolated building experience
regarding Kobe earthquake, and you can get info on it also through DIS.
Even though they are a commercial firm, I think their brochures can help you
get some intuitive ideas on the base isolation systems.  (As far as I
remember this  thread began by some Architecture student).
    Hope this helps.

Rodrigo Lema

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>I believe the USC medical center was designed using base isolation and
>performed very well during the Northridge earthquake.  I believe that there
>were motion detectors mounted in the building and that this data should be
>available through the state of California, possibly you could ask the
>Department of the State Architects office.
>Dave Puskas