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RE: CSA S304.1-94

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Thank you Neil and Scott for your responses.
You would think they would pay somebody to check the work of the printers before sending this out to customers!! At least I hope it was the printer's mistake. It is lucky that it was done wrong enough so that it gave me some doubts. If anybody from CSA is reading this, take note. We don't have time to verify every equation presented to us in codes.

David Handy, P.Eng
The Thompson Rosemount Group
Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA
The preceding was an off the record personal opinion only! (cya)

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The ACI Eq. 9-7 is written thus:

       Mcr                   Mcr
Ie = [-----]^3 * Ig + [1 - [-----]^3] * Icr
       Ma                    Ma  

Neil Moore

This should also be presented in courier font.

At 04:09 PM 11/28/98 -0500, you wrote:
>A question for those with the masonry design standard noted in subject line. 
>Equation gives effective stiffness of a wall to be
>         ( Mcr 3 )          (         (  Mcr  3 ) ) 
> I =     --------   Io   +  (  1  -    ---------  )   I cr
>         (  Ma   )	    (         (   M a   ) )