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RE: Christmas Trees :)

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I have designed a support for a Christmas tree in my past.  Be prepared to
be the Grinch especially once you look at the wind loads.  Don't even think
about 50 year probability.  You may wish to look at a 1 year probability or
less.  Each and every branch and twig catches the wind.  The wind load is
greater than that of a solid shape.   I imagine that you are using cables
and dead men.  You will also have a big vertical component from the cables
and wind load.

I can't remember the weight.  I believe the vendor came up with it.

Harold Sprague
The Neenan Company

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Subject: Christmas Trees :)

Okay, here is a tough one:

We are supposed to design a support for a Christmas tree that could be
as tall as 80 feet.

I looked in the UBC wind table and could not find anything applicable,
except the "other" category.

What would be the appropriate wind load on a nicely tapered tree??

Also, does anyone know how much an 80 ft. tall tree would weigh :)

Boy, the things I do :)