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RE: 97 UBC Adoption date to Debbie et al

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State law precludes a Jurisdiction from adopting the building code until
after the state first adopts it.  Then the local jurisdiction has up to 180
days to adopt it with more restrictive amendments due to geologic, climatic
and topographic concerns.  If at the end of 180 days the jurisdiction has
not adopted it, the state code then goes into affect.  The current date the
state is giving for adopting the 1997 UBC is Jan. 1, 1999.

P. Buscovich

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At 12:35 PM 11/25/98 EST, you wrote:
>The state law does not allow the adoption of the code by the local
>jurisdiction until 180 days after publication of the state building code.
>Mammoth may be an exception to the rule due to the local climate.  Better
>contact Byron Puhlman, Building Official, Town of Mammoth Lakes on that
>Ted Beckwith, RCE

Ted -- When you said "...does not ALLOW the adoption..." did you mean that
the Town "can't" force us to adopt earlier than 180 days after publication?
Debby, Mammoth Lakes