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I have a 4 gig hard drive that I have partitioned into a 1gig+/- sections.  This morning the machine had trouble booting into Win 95 at the start of Navboot.  After a frustrating day of "safe mode" loading and playing about, during which all drives were accessible through DOS but unusable, the damned thing booted into form again.  GREAT but it decided that the partition "D Drive" was no longer accessible.  The other drives on the 4 gig drive "E" through "G" are OK.   Now tonight I managed to get some sort of access but the repair on it has totally ruined the files.  I will have to re-format and start again.
And guess what?  I lost my AWin 98 version from SEAINT since I had it in a temp file on same drive ......!!!!  Yeah my naivete is showing strong!
Will someone please send me the connection to AWin so I can re-download it?

Thor A. Tandy   P.Eng.,  MCSCE
Victoria, BC, Canada
e-mail: <vicpeng(--nospam--at)>