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California Codes

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     Perhaps this will help ---
     Word from Sacramento, Calif. (California Building Standards 
     Commission) about the codes to be used in California:
                The "Effective Date" of the 1998 Editions of the 
                California building codes will be July 1, 1999.  
        The effective Date is the date the State codes must begin 
     enforcment locally.  Local jurisdictions will start to enforce the 
     State editions and local adopted amendments.
        The codes must be "Published" not less than 180 days prior to the 
     Effective Date.  Published means available for purchase by the public. 
     (If the codes miss the minimum publish date of January 2, 1999, he 
     July 1 date will be pushed accordingly.)  The State can Publish more 
     than 180 days before the Effective Date, when approved by the 
     Commission, but in no case less than 180 days.  The effective date was 
     approved by the Commission on Nov. 18, 1998. 
        The codes are:
     1)  1997 UBC as amended by the State as the 1998 California Building 
     Code; (Three volumes as were the 1995 editions) (ICBO Published)
     2)  1997 UMC as amended by the State as the 1998 California Mechanical 
     Code:  (ICBO Published)
     3)  1997 UPC as amended by the State as the 1998 California Plumbing 
     Code;  (IAPMO Published, and available through IAPMO)
     4)  1996 NEC as amended by the State as the California Electrical 
     Code:  (NFPA Published, but available through ICBO. No sale through 
        Items 1), 2) and 3) will be in 8-1/2 by 11 inch format.
     The electrical Code will probably be NFPA same size as the 1993 NEC.
        Of some additional interest -- the 2000 IBC, IMC and IPC will not 
     be adopted by ICBO until Sept. 2000 at the Annual Business Meeting in 
     San Francisco.  This late in the year 2000 adoption date will require 
     the State to push very hard to review a code that is new, not 
     something passed on from previous years.  It will be different in 
     format, wording, content, and context.  A strong possibility the 
     Effective Date will be 2002.  
        And, because the Calif. law was changed to delete specific code 
     editions the State is required to adopt, the State could re-adopt the 
     1998 codes as the 2001 codes giving them 6 years to review the 
     "International Series editions."