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RE: Properties of SA508 Class III steel

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I found an entry for SA508 forgings in the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code,
Section VIII, Div. 2, Table UCS-23.  For Grade 3, it gives yield as 50 ksi,
tensile as 80 ksi, and allowable stress as 21.3 ksi up to 200 degrees F.

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	Subject:	Properties of SA508 Class III steel

	Can someone help me get this information?

	I would like to know the properties of SA508 Class III steel.  I am
told the
	yield stress is 55 ksi.  I am particularly interested to know if
this steel is

	I looked though my ASTM standards and have informatin to A508 steel,
but it
	refers to ASME for SA508 steel.

	If anyone has ASME with SA508, may I get a faxed copy?  If it is too
	document, could it be mailed to me?

	Thanks in advance.

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