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Re: Min. masonry reinf

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Mlcse(--nospam--at) wrote:
> In a message dated 12/2/98 4:21:41 PM EST, SHERMANWC(--nospam--at) writes:
> << I have a 12-inch thick concrete masonry wall to be reinforced per UBC's
>  minimum reinforcing requirements for Seismic Zone 3 (i.e., total vert +
>  horiz
>  reinf greater than 0.002 times gross area of wall).  Any recommendations on
>  the most economical arrangement of vertical reinforced cells and horizontal
>  bond beams (and/or horizontal joint reinforcement) to satisfy the code?
>     >>
> If you are going to be 32" or less on center for vertical or horizontal
> reinforcing, it is probably not practical to use "grout reinforced cells
> only".  In California it is quite typical to have the bars at 24" on center
> each way for a 12" wall if you are using #5 bars (all cells grouted, and
> inspection required).  As the bars get larger it is more difficult to handle.
> I would try to avoid going larger than #7, especially if you consider lap
> splices and hook requirements in shear walls.  I personally would not space
> the bars furthur apart than  32 inches on center.
> Michael Cochran

More grouting, more reinforcing !!  The minimum steel percentage is
based on equivalent  solid thickness which increases with the grouting!!

If you think reinforcing is heavy to hoist, try grout !!!

Donn Wooldridge RA/SE
Phoenix, AZ