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Re: waterproofing

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Typically the waterproofing is the responsibility of the architect, but...

As engineers we can often see a potential problem that someone in a
different aspect of our profession may not immediately recognize as such.
Particularly in retaining and basement conditions the waterproofing concerns
should be discussed with the architect, and based on the contractual
agreement, responsibility assigned.  Even if you are not responsible for the
waterproofing you should identify your areas of concern and discuss the
methods of mitigation with the responsible party. The waterproofing should
be addressed in the project specs.  The architect will appreciate your
input, he/she doesn't want a liability problem any more than you do.

Communication is the key.  I have seen a few projects where the structural
consultant is designing the retaining wall, and the details indicate
"drainage per civil".  Unfortunately no one informed the civil that drainage
behind the walls they did not design was their responsibility and so on...

As structural consultant, the ability of the wall system to drain in
accordance with your assumptions is not something to be taken for granted,
and an informal review is prudent.

Do not leave the subject of waterproofing and/or drainage up to the

Paul Feather P.E.