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Re: Through Girder Bridge Design

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If you are a student and the 'Through Girder Bridge Design' is for a
class assigment, work out your problem by hand. If it's too complicated,
try a simplified model (some of the loads only, etc.) -

First of all, try to fully understand the basics (assuming that you have
already mastered your course on structures) : how to apply the Codes, how to
set up your bridge model, what the basic assumptions are, do some detailing,
etc. Surely your instructor will be happy to assist you to follow this

Structural Computer programs will not substitute for the lack of knowledge.
They represent only a math 'model' of a structural system - a model makes
always some assumptions that you have to comprehend before making a rational
use of them.

A computer is only a tool. A fast and efficient calculator - If  you don't
master the basics about your problem, be sure that the old saying about
computers will apply to your design: Garbage in - garbage out.

Finally: after mastering the basics go and check your work with a program:

Toribio Messa, C.E.