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Re: Min. masonry reinf

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Nd1942(--nospam--at) wrote:
> Yes, but what about the horizontal cells?

Metal lath (as used in plastering, not paper which brakes bond) is
placed in the course immediately below the horizontally grouted section
to prevent the grout from entering the vertical cells below.  With the c
ells in hollow unit masonry the grouts stays in the vertical cells but
does flow horizontally some.

In vertical grouting the maximum lift per Code is 4' without a knockout
opening in the bottom of each reinforced cell, which when provided will
increase the lift to 8'.  The knockout is required to inspect the bottom
of the cell for unwanted mortar droppings or other deleterious material
and also provide light for inspecting the cell from the top!!.

Donn Wooldridge RA/SE