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Re: Min. masonry reinf

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I stand corrected!!

>From practice I have a base of Code minimums which I never go below, when
designing a project.

I forgot that I was providing reinforcing for confined air in tension and /or

Thank you.

Donn Wooldridge RA/SE
Bill Sherman wrote:

> Donn Wooldridge wrote:
> >More grouting, more reinforcing !!  The minimum steel percentage is
> based on equivalent solid thickness which increases with the grouting!! <
> What is your basis for using "equivalent solid thickness" as the basis for
> minimum reinforcing steel?  UBC minimums are based on a percentage of "gross
> cross-sectional area".  Since the definition for "net area" (at the front of
> the Masonry Chapter of UBC) refers to "gross cross-sectional area minus the
> area of ungrouted cells ...", I would interpret gross cross-sectional area
> to
> be the total area within the perimeter of the unit regardless of grouting.