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Partially grouted CMU walls in seismic areas

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Note of caution to those of you who specify partially grouted CMU walls. On
two different occasions I have visited job sites where I specified only
cells with rebar to be grouted and found the contractor had grouted all
cells. One job had special inspection and the other did not. When I
questioned the contractor on the no special inspection site he said it was
easier and would give a better wall. Luckily only the bottom four feet were
grouted when the problem was found and the reinforcement was adequate. The
special inspection job was after the first one and I had change my design
method to account for fully grouted cells even when the drawing called for
partially grouted cells. The inspector said he missed the note on partially
grouting. I wonder how many walls are out there designed for partial grout
and the contractor fully grouted the wall because it is easier and a "
better wall ". 

It is worth noting most of my work is in seismic zone 4 and this would not
be as much of a problem in low seismic areas.

Acie Chance