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RE: defrag on NT 4.0 again?!

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Looks like you guys need a tie breaking vote so based on my limited
knowledge on the subject - I used to work with a true blue computer whiz who
was a licensed Microsoft software evaluator (or something like that) and he
was responsible for maintaining our network etc.  His product of choice was
Diskeeper, so I'd go with that.  One thing that is nice about Diskeeper is
that you can set it to automatically defrag your disk at any given time and
day of the week (Friday @ lunch for example).  One thing that I didn't like
was that it never really seemed to have your hard drive completely
optimized.  It could run for 15 or 20 minutes and finish with a message
stating that you were 96% optimized.  Why it didn't continue to the point of
being completely optimized was totally beyond me...

Sounds like a tough choice!

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> This technology was pioneered by Symantec (Norton) and they license a
> limited version to Microsoft for use in their Op. systems. (As I last
> heard) So the NT is just a parred-down  Norton. I would go with the Norton
> Utils.
> Steve
> At 01:01 PM 12/7/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >Hi again,
> >I was not clear on my last message;
> >Any one knows if  "Norton Utility" is the better one or "Diskeeper" to
> >defrag on windows NT 4.0?
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