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RE: Glossary

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Don't know if your email program clipped the message or what.  The message 
I received WAS signed: S. C. Jeong, Research Engineer.  I have had that 
happen (I use Outlook) from time to time for inexplicable reasons. For all 
its features, I find Outlook to be a bit quirky.
Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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I don't have an answer on this but wanted to make a small comment. We are a
friendly group. I think it would be polite to sign your posts with your 
so that the rest of us can respond to a person rather than a comment.
I'll write again as soon as I can help you define these issues.
Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: Glossary

Dear 0everyone!

Whenever reading text regarding seismic design, I have some problem. What
is the difference between code, provison, specification, standard, article?

I know code are based on law....but provison, specification(ex. AISC-LRFD),
provision, standard, article?

AISC-LRFD(1994) uses following sentence in Forward(pp. 4).

"Referenced Specifications, Codes, and Standards"

I can't distinguish these terms.

Please let me know.....

Thanks in advance.