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Re: Glossary

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Here goes the difference between Specifications, Codes and Standards, at
least according to the "AISC way" (-:

A Specification is a document that establishes the way something must be
designed or constructed. It has mandatory language, such as "shall" and
"must". This is the way the AISC Specification for Structural Steel
Buildings is written.

A Code is a document that defines agreed-upon practices. Note that
safety would not be compromised if the practices were not used. This is
true of our Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges,
which is written as the usual agreement with a steel fabricator and
generally is intended to reflect the most efficient practices.

A Standard is a document that defines the production practices for a
material or product. For example, we reference many ASTM standards (A6,
A992, A572, A500, A53, etc) that define the products that get
incorporated into steel buildings and bridges.

Now that's all from the AISC perspective. I recognize that building
codes are better described by the way I've defined defined
specifications. And there are probably a lot of other examples of
inconsistency that can be found.


=?euc-kr?B?Ijk0MjQxNjMgwaS8rsOiIg==?= wrote:
> Dear 0everyone!
> Whenever reading text regarding seismic design, I have some problem. What
> is the difference between code, provison, specification, standard, article?
> I know code are based on law....but provison, specification(ex. AISC-LRFD),
> provision, standard, article?
> AISC-LRFD(1994) uses following sentence in Forward(pp. 4).
> "Referenced Specifications, Codes, and Standards"
> I can't distinguish these terms.
> Please let me know.....
> Thanks in advance.