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RE: defrag on NT 4.0 again?!

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> Sent: Monday, December 07, 1998 4:57 PM
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Norton doesn't even do that well! Actually, because the NT file system is a
little different, directories cannot be optimized except at boot up. So
unless you specify the boot time defragmenter option, you will not get 100%

> Subject: RE: defrag on NT 4.0 again?!
> Looks like you guys need a tie breaking vote so based on my limited
> knowledge on the subject - I used to work with a true blue
> computer whiz who
> was a licensed Microsoft software evaluator (or something
> like that) and he
> was responsible for maintaining our network etc.  His product
> of choice was
> Diskeeper, so I'd go with that.  One thing that is nice about
> Diskeeper is
> that you can set it to automatically defrag your disk at any
> given time and
> day of the week (Friday @ lunch for example).  One thing that
> I didn't like
> was that it never really seemed to have your hard drive completely
> optimized.  It could run for 15 or 20 minutes and finish with
> a message
> stating that you were 96% optimized.  Why it didn't continue
> to the point of
> being completely optimized was totally beyond me...
> Sounds like a tough choice!