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Posting Signatures

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One of the interests from this group is the wide range of questions and
where they come from.

Many postings have no sender name or location and this is disappointing as
one cannot determine "who/where".  One can sometimes guess from the e-mail
address, but this is not comprehensive nor definitive.

Could "posters" please add "signatures"?

My full business signature follows.  It is probably too long for this list
server, but does contain all contact information.   Once contact has been
established I use a shorter version.

Bruce Shephard
Principal Consultant (Seismic Risk)
Opus International Consultants Ltd
P O Box 12,003
Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND
E-mail:	Bus: bruce.shephard(--nospam--at)
		Res: shephard.b&j(--nospam--at)
Telephone: +64 4 4717597 Bus,
           +64 4 5863652 Res.
Facsimile: +64 4 4711397