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Re: Glossary

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S. C. Jeong wrote: 
> What is the difference between code, provision, specification, standard, 
article? ... AISC-LRFD(1994) uses following sentence in Forward(pp. 4): 
"Referenced Specifications, Codes, and Standards".  I can't distinguish
terms. < 
I don't have any official definitions, but I'll give my own general 
code: a document which is generally adopted by a governmental agency to have 
the force of law; it can govern both design and construction requirements; 
"model building codes" don't have any legal standing in and of themselves,
must be adopted by the governing authority. 
standard: a procedure generally recognized by an industry as defining the 
minimum recommended requirements for the stated item; generally more limited 
in scope than a code or specification.  (Example: AWWA D100, "Standard for 
Welded Steel Tanks for Water storage", i.e. limited to one type of tank.) 
specification: a group of procedures generally recognized by an industry as 
defining the minimum recommended requirements for the type of work
"standard specifications" typically are referred to from other documents
as a project specification or another code or specification) to incorporate 
the requirements into the main document without repeating the full text.  
(Example: ACI 301, Standard Specification for Structural Concrete; typically 
referred to from a project specification to cover concrete work in general.)
provisions or articles: these terms typically refer to subsections or
requirements of any of the above types of documents.  
Unfortunately, there are exceptions to any definition and the terms can be 
used for similar types of documents.  (AISC does appear to use a different
of definitions: the "Specification for Structural Steel Buildings" looks
like a "code" to me; the "Code of Standard Practice" looks more like a 
"standard specification" for construction to me.  I guess I'm more used to
definitions in the concrete industry.)  But my most common usage is to
a structure per the "code", specify to a Contractor how to build it with 
"specifications", and refer to "standards" for specific materials and types
Hope this helps sort it out some.