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SEAONC Computer Forum - December 10, 1998

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Seismic Analysis Case Studies
December 10, 1998

The Computer Applications Committee's December 10th Computer Forum will
present the case studies utilizing the state of the art analysis.  This
forum will provide an opportunity to discuss about two excellent
structural engineering projects.  

Darrick Hom of Degenkolb Engineers will present a case study where he
has applied the static nonlinear analysis procedures described in the
ATC-33 pre-ballot draft document (now known as FEMA 273) to a 4-story
reinforced, non-ductile concrete frame structure.  This analysis
procedure was used to evaluate the expected seismic performance of the
building and to develop an appropriate retrofit scheme. As many of the
procedures were untested at the time of this analytical study, it was a
challenge not only to evaluate the building structure itself, but also
to evaluate the methodology used for the analysis.  The results for both
these aspects offer important information which can be used in the
practical use of the nonlinear analysis procedures.

Leo Panian from Steven Tipping + associates (STA) will present another
case study discussion titled "Practical Analytical Methods Used in the
Seismic Retrofit Design of an 11 Story Steel Frame Building Constructed
in 1916."  The retrofit scheme for this One Market Street building in
San Francisco utilizes a pair of large cantilevered hollow concrete
tubes, supported by deep foundations in the underlying bay mud, to
resist the earthquake forces and limit drift to protect the existing
building frame and masonry in-fill walls.  A complete capacity design
approach was used to develop the seismic retrofit.  Several global and
local analyses were performed to evaluate the ductile response of the
system.  Bounding analyses were employed to capture the effects of upper
and lower bound material properties and varying dynamic load
distributions. Since the foundation plays a significant role in the
seismic response of this building, detailed non-linear soil-structure
interaction analyses were employed to verify the adequacy of the
foundation design.  This case study presentation will provide a detailed
overview of these design and analysis methods.

This forum will take place on Thursday, December 10th from 6:00 p.m. to
8:00 p.m. at the office of Degenkolb Engineers at 225 Bush Street, 10th
Floor, in San Francisco.  There is no charge for the event.  Please RSVP
to Satinder P. Singh  (spsingh(--nospam--at)  or fax: 510/465-9443 or
Phone: 510/465-3977) if you would like to attend this forum.