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Re: An Engineer's Take On Christmas

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Dear Mr. Caldwell:
    No offense intended, Sir.  I really (actually) enjoyed your analysis--until i got to the 'pink goo' part.  And couldn't get into the spirit of charred reindeer--but, on the whole, the analysis tickled me....very typical engineer stuff.
    As for marrying with Richard--well, my family tend toward MDs or engineers--and frankly, Richard is so wonderful (imho), that most times i can overlook his 'engineering' tendencies!  (and that's a joke, by the way--i admire anyone who can take theorectical mathematics and create relevant applications re:  habitat or environment or even esoterica like 'protection' and 'assertiveness'--and for me, that pretty much encompasses all the engineering fields.)
    We thank you for your 'congratulations' and holiday wishes--we certainly hope the same for you and all--the list server's offerings have kept me entertained and provided much in the way of continuing education for a generalist like me.  Especially enjoy reading your commentaries regarding building practices in response to Mr. Dennis Wish.
    As to 'humor', maybe the list could petition Shafat to bring back Kate O'Brien?
    I hope someday we may be able to meet 'in person'--until then, best wishes to you and your family, et al, for the holidays and always.
Audra, etc.

Caldwell, Stan wrote:

Dear Mr. Caldwell:
    Do you believe in magic?!
Audra Kunf (soon to be Ranous), CEM


Yes Audra, I do believe in Magic, in Santa, and in the Spirit of Christmas.  I also believe in sharing engineering-related humor, especially since it is in such short supply!

Congratulations on your pending marriage, but are you really sure that you want to hitch up with a structural engineer?  (More humor)

Happy Holidays!

Stan Caldwell in Dallas