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I've been roped into preserving a cantilevered swimming pool deck in
Tennessee.  Cousin, all structural engineering is alike, isn't it, and
you ARE, after all, the engineer in the family, etc.  

Anyway, the deck is marble over concrete over centering over steel beams
on columns. There is SIGNIFICANT corrosion of the underlying steel.  In
fact, most of the centering is completely gone, and has been for years. 
The stalactites adhered to the underside of the concrete are up to 8"
long, 3/8" diameter, actively dripping 24 hours after rain stopped.  The
concrete appears sound, and in the few places I chipped the wire mesh is
still there.  I was surprised.  The beams, however, are in poor shape. 
Some of the flanges are completely gone.  Determining the remaining good
steel, and strength thereof, and reinforcing is no problem.  Telling
said owner to seal the marble to stop future moisture penetration is
also easy.  

What I'd appreciate some advice in is what to coat the steel with.  I've
heard about several "rust converters" and "rust inhibitors", but know
nothing.  Obviously I would rather not scrape even loose scale if I
don't have to, and the top of the top flange of the beams is under the
deck and inaccessable.  Suggestions?  Is there a marine or Seattle
product that would work good?

Phil Hodge