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Timber Connections

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Does section 8.2.4 and figure 8B ('91 NDS) apply to what you want to do?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Byron Benson wrote:

. > To all you timber gurus out there,
. > 
. > I need to design some timber connections with bolts through the end grain 
. > of rafters cut on a slope for a 6:12 pitch. The '91 NDS has provisions 
. > for shear plates and split rings in end grain but don't seem to address 
. > only bolts in end grain. As a timber carpenter, I installed many 
. > rafter-to-hip connections where the bolts were installed through the end 
. > grain of the rafter, which was cut at a very sharp angle, without shear 
. > plates or split rings so there must be a procedure somewhere. Would it be
. > appropriate to use the provisions for lag screws installed at an angle to 
. > the grain and adjust the value by the end grain factor?
. > 
. > Any help would be appreciated.
. > 
. > Thanks,
. > 
. > Byron Benson
. >