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I just read an article within the espn web page about the railing
collapse at Veterans Stadium during the Army-Navy game.  The conclusion
was that there was no structural defect, corrosion, etc.  The fault lies
with abnormal crowding at the rails.  Apparently this has happened at
other sport stadiums as well.
My question is if railings have failed during sporting events due to
excessive crowding (which seems to always be the case), why not increase
the load parameters for these railings?  I understand that this is an
economics question and has to do with probability.  I don't have all the
facts, but every sporting event I've been to seems to have "excessive"
I believe this is an issue with the code authorities.  I'm just bringing
this topic up for discussion.  And maybe, if this is an issue worth
looking into, an increased load category for railings at sport stadiums
will be added to the code.
Michael K. Brown, P.E.
CSHQA Engineers
Boise, ID