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Re: earthquake in STAAD-III

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I am by no means an expert in this area.  I do not know if you have a
time history curve or a response spectra curve.  It is important that
you understand which you have an make the appropriate analysis.

When you are done with you Response spectra analysis ( assuming that is
the curve you have) and it is your intention to do a design based on the
UBC, you need to scale your results based on UBC static base shears and
the base shear you get from your response spectra analysis.

Example, if your UBC base shear figures at 100 kips, and your base shear
from your response spectra is 400 kips, you would scale all your
response spectra forces by a factor of 100/400 = .25

If your response spectra base shears are significantly different in each
direction, then many engineers will use a different scaling factor in
each direction.

I hope this helps.  I am not sure this was your question, and really has
nothing to do with Staad.