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Re: Railings

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I saw some of the news footage on the collaspe, but don't remember seeing
a mangled pile of railing on the ground.  This leads me to suspect
any further information) that the railing remained intact and the
connection to
the floor system failed.  Expansion anchors are often used for these
types of
connections (especially, if a contractor has his way).

According to the 1995 Hilti "Anchor Selection Guide," (pages 46 to 49 of
Product Technical Guide) adhesive anchors (HVA) are the only suitable
for dynamic loading in their line of products.

If the connections at the base held firmly, I would imagine the railing
would have
deflected well beyond structural allowables before it collasped.  Since
appears to have been a sudden failure, I would investigate the
(and the remains of the railing) before I cast any any stones.