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Ad Hoc SEAint Web Tracking Committee - Subject Coding

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On September 2, 1998, SEAOSC Board of Directors agreed to authorize the formation of an Ad Hoc SEAint Web Tracking  committee to discuss technical and non-technical topics on the Internet. I am pleased to have been appointed to chair this committee.
One of the tasks assigned by SEAOSC (who owns and manages the server) is to categorize the list messages for easier retrieval. At this time, I can only envision the prospects of manually editing each post in the archives to be preceded by a topic and subject. It was suggested by the Board that messages be categorized by:
This poses a number of problems and a great deal of work on behalf of the volunteers who elect to do this. The problem I face is the posts from this day forth.
There has been a great deal of resistance to this in the past. One purpose of this list is the dissemination of information - the need to be able to easily find and retrieve information when it can be of use by others who face similar problems and need the advise that has been given. Admittedly, this is not necessary in a non-engineering topic which can easily be categorized as general or non-professional.
I would like the comments on the least offensive way to accomplish this task without losing active participants.
I would also like to rehash the suggestions as to the best way - or most intuitive way - to code subject lines.
Dennis S. Wish PE