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RE: Jim Amhrein

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I take your word, Dennis, and from now on I will consider him an engineering icon.
Thanks, by the way.
Rodrigo Lema
Mendoza, Argentina
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Fecha: domingo 13 de diciembre de 1998 3:01
Asunto: RE: Jim Amhrein

Jim retired from the Masonry Institute of America (MIA) about four years ago and is the author of the Masonry Handbook published by MIA. I believe he is still active although I don't get too much information living 150 miles from Los Angeles where he resides.
He is very fondly held by all of those who practice on masonry throughout the United States for his fine work on the Handbook which has become the bible for masonry in the industry as well as his efforts with SEAOSC for more years than most of use care to admit.
I once had the honor to chair a committee for SEAOSC and used his office for our meeting (SEAOSC rented space in the MIA building in Los Angeles before moving to the ICBO building in Whittier). I remember sitting behind his desk and feeling like I was in the presence of a master.
With that said, I think you can consider him an engineering icon:>)
Dennis Wish PE
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There is a definition of a structural engineer posted on the seaint webpage and I think it is signed by Jim Amhrein.  On the other hand, recently I found another reference to this man on a thread related to masonry (I think).  So, just for curiosity, coul anyone please tell me who is (or was) Jim Amhrein?
Rodrigo Lema 
Mendoza, Argentina