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Re: earthquake in STAAD-III

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>I do not have a STAAD manual but as I look at the input, I see the same
>data used as input for the time history analysis and for the response
>spectrum analysis.  This is wrong.  The input for the response spectrum
>analysis consists of values of period or frequency combined with
>acceleration values.  The input for a time history analysis consists of
>pairs of time and acceleration values.  You cannot use the same input for
>both analyses.

(Maybe I should try with simpler question:)
I have acceleration - time diagram, recorded during earthquake:

time[sec]       acc.[m/s/s]
0.                         0.
0.08                -1.733
0.20                    0.
0.38                   2.6
0.52                   -2.

How do I use to tell STAAD to calculate member forces during this