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RE: Ad Hoc SEAint Web Tracking Committee - Subject Coding

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I see several difficulties:

1)  The categories proposed do not  map well to what is discussed.  For
example, the wide range of practice and liability issues is not reflected. 

2)   It is not clear how these categories will be utilized.  You need a
clear statement as to how these categories will be used if there is to be
consistency in classification. 

Would you not be better served by a system of key words considering the
fact that many messages address multiple topics?

3)  The system should be automated as much as possible.  If the system
cannot be automated individuals will only add the classifiers if they see
it as having real benefit and if they understand the system of
classification.  I think this will be a problem for most of the users. 
What became of the previous proposals that people consistently classify
their messages?

4)  Is there going to be a policeman who will force all correspondents to
follow the system.  If so, do you have an enthusiastic volunteer?  Will
this process cause a number of people not to post messages?  Why put up
with the hassle?

5)  Do you have somebody who will regularly audit the messages to make sure
they were appropriately classified?  Without this, you will quickly find
that the number of miss-classified messages will make it difficult to use
the system as envisioned.  What does the volunteer get out of auditing and
classifying these messages?

6)  Will more time be spent implementing and maintaining this system than
it will save?  In addition assuming that there are only a limited number of
volunteers would their time be better spent on other projects?

It is not clear what problems have occurred or what opportunities have been
missed as a result of the current system.  I fear that what we have here is
somebody thought of an idea of a system without thinking through what was
involved.  I suggest that the Board Member who proposed this idea be asked
to help implement it.

I would suggest that you not proceed until you can clearly answer the above

Mark Gilligan