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Re: Recommendations needed for low end cad software

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Dennis, thoght I'd just sprinkle my comments in here;

What's New in AutoCAD LT® 98

                                         The Best: Now It's Even Better!

                                         AutoCAD LT® 98 has everything you've come to rely
                                         on for all your professional 2D CAD drawing needs?
                                         including PolarSnap?, AutoSnap?, right-click
                                         menus, and IntelliMouse® support. But now it's even
                                         easier to use and includes these new productivity

                                         Visual and Intuitive
                                         ENHANCED! Content Explorer? feature now has the ability to drag and drop
                                         hatch patterns directly into a drawing file in one easy step.

    This works remarkably well. It also forces me to close my polylines

                                         Modern user interface customization makes it easy for you to personalize your
                                         work environment using an intuitive, multitabbed customization dialog.

                                         Undo/Redo history lists allow you to experiment with multiple design ideas
                                         before you make final decisions.

    I like this one alot also. It gives a listing and works as advertised.

                                         Modern Array and Purge dialogs let you preview array settings and visually
                                         purge only the items you don't need.

    This provides a visual key of the array you are creating. Very helpful. I haven't used the purge tool yet.

                                         Drawing Productivity
                                         Revision Cloud feature enables managers to quickly, easily highlight recent or
                                         needed revisions during the review cycle.

    I've used various ad-on tools but this is by far the easiest to use. It's a button tool and other than some default arc sizes which don't allow the polyline to close, it works great.

                                         Region Modeler makes it simple for you to create and modify complex,
                                         intelligent 2D objects.

                                         Object grouping and the advanced Group Manager enable you to quickly and
                                         easily manipulate collections of objects in your drawing.

Yet to explore this, but I'm sure once I get up to speed it will help. Apparently makes quick block elements.

                                         IMPROVED! Additional arc and circle options give you the flexibility to create
                                         geometry more conveniently.

                                         Compatibility and Design Sharing
                                         IMPROVED! Internet tools enable you to access and publish files on the
                                         Internet and control layer and view settings.

                                         IMPROVED! Plotter support for the newest HP-GL/2 plotters lets you take
                                         advantage of the new features and functionality in Hewlett-Packard devices as
                                         soon as they become available.

                                         UPDATED! Innovative HTML-based online help has been organized and
                                         updated for improved learnability.

Another change (at least I think this is a change over LT97) is the plotting of polylines at actual thinkness. Does not appear to be tied to pen widths (an ancient concept by now)

My overall impression has been very positive. They have corrected some snap problems and other minor anoyances. There "seems" to be a speed increase on loading, but I've never put a clock to anything.

Barry H. Welliver

"Dennis S. Wish PE" wrote:

 I am preparing an article on affordable CAD software. I am particularly interested in those of you who are currently working with Intellicad and Imagineer. I need some in depth information as to the specific reasons you chose to purchase the software, specific features you most like and any information related to customization, addins, productivity tools etc. I am familiar with Visual Cadd and will be reporting on this and AutoCad LT 97. If any of you have updated to AutoCad LT 98, please let me know what additional features were added and improvements made to make it a worthwhile upgrade.Thank youDennis Wish PEEditor SEAINT Online