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RE: Conc 14 Kips Deadman foundation info needed

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A. B. Chance Co. makes helical anchors that might work well for this 
application.  They can be made to work in either tension or
 compression. They are installed by basically screwing them into the 
ground.  I don't have a local reps. name or phone number but I know they do 
have California representatives.  They did a successful project a few 
blocks from my office.  Their address is:

A. B. Chance Co.
210 N. Allen
		Centralia, MO  65240
		(314)  682-8414

Bill Cain, SE
Oakland, CA

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Subject:	Conc  14 Kips Deadman foundation info needed

A friend and associate in my area needs to design a Deadman foundation for 
a large tent structure that will be in place for more than the 180 days 
imposed by the local building official. Based upon an 80 mph wind in the 
area, he needs to design a Deadman capable of resisting 14 kips of upload.

1. What is the best type of foundation to use in an area of sandy soils?

He has considered a cube footing, but feels that it will be rather 
difficult to remove when the structure is removed.
He is also considering using a friction pile so as to keep the diameter at 
approximately 30".

Can anyone provide me with some suggestions and possibly a sample analysis. 
Neither of us have done this for a long time and are pretty rusty in the 

If you wish, you can respond to the engineer directly (he is not yet on 
this list). Send email to Cass Rogers at cassrce(--nospam--at) If you don't 
mind, please cc to this list as I and others will find the answers 

Thanks in advance for your comments.
Dennis S. Wish PE