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Re: "re-use" fees

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Here in the Philippines, 80% on the 4th, 60% on the rest.

Jerome AM Tan
Makati City, Philippines

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Subject: "re-use" fees
Author:  MIME:GRileyPE(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    12/15/98 2:25 AM

Lately, I've been asked to bid some housing tract projects. The houses are approximately 2,000 to 2,500 with 3 standard plans and 3 elevations for each plan. The tract size ranges from 24 to 50 homes. What are typical guidelines for the "re-use" fee of the plan after the first three models are built? I've been getting a very wide divergence of opinions (so what else is new?). Any takes?

Greg Riley PE