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Re: constants materials

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Off the top of my head (sorry, not in SI):
	RC   	about 150 lb/ft^3
	     	E is about 3 million psi
	Steel	490 lb/ft^3
		E = 29-30 million psi
		poisson's ratio = 0.3
	Aluminum  E = 10 million psi
		  poisson's ratio = 0.3

You should be able to find these numbers in any standard reference
handbook.  As far as timber goes, you would have to be more specific as
far as what species you are interested in.  Generally, E for timber ranges
from 1 to 2 million psi.
Tim Elliott
Graduate Student
University of Delaware

On 14 Dec 1998, Juan Manuel Sandoval Leal wrote:

> I am a colombian engineer working with the multiframe program. i need to know
> the following constants to work please:
> Density   (kg/m3)
> E         (kg/cm2)
> poisson's ratio  
> Thermal coefficcient   miu E-6/C
> Yield stress        (kg/cm2)
> and i want work with the next materials:
> Reinforced Concrete
> Steeel
> Aluminium
> and Timber
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