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Re: Concrete and Oil

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     PCA has a document called "Effects of Substances on Concrete and Guide 
     to Protective Treatments" which lists several pages of different 
     substances (i.e. acids, alkalies, petroleum oils, etc.) and their 
     effects on concrete.  Under Petroleum Oils it lists "None" under 
     effects however their is an asterisk stating "May contain some 
     vegetable or fatty oils and the concrete should be protected from such 
     oils".  Under Fats and Fatty Acids it states "Slow Disintegration".  
     Taking a core sample is probably a good idea but you may want to do 
     some chemical/petrographic testing in addition to compression testing.
     Thomas Hunt, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel

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Subject: Concrete and Oil
Author:  "Mark McCormick" <Mjm2(--nospam--at)> at fdinet
Date:    12/16/98 10:08 AM

I have a situation in an older building where oil has leaked out of a 
printing press machine onto a concrete slab. So much oil has 
leaked over the years that can see the oil from the underside of the 
My question is: what effect does this have on the concrete 
chemistry and the slab structurally?
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