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1956 to 1960 California Sierra Snow Loads

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We are analyzing numerous maintenance buildings in the
Sierras to determine when it becomes necessary to
remove snow from the roofs ( maximum depth of snow ).

The As-Builts do not include the design snow loading used
or the required material properties. Must have been in the Specs.

The Counties have no historical information on the
required snow loads from the late 50's and early 60's.

Typically, the roofs consist of built-up roofing over
2x  tongue and groove planking supported on steel trusses.

   What material properties are appropriate for DF #2 T&G
   of that vintage ???

   Were  2x T&G  planks thicker in 1960  ???

   Deflection typically controls ....
   Can we push the TL deflection limits past L/180 ???

Thank you for your assistance.

Robert du Plaine   ( robert_duplaine(--nospam--at) )
California Department of Transportation

We are currently trying to back it out from the roof
members and assumed strengths of materials

Can anyone shed some light on this problem ???

We are trying to determine the maximum allowable height
of snow on buildings in the Sierras