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RE: Ad Hoc SEAint Web Tracking Committee - Subject Coding

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Ernie, the idea is not to penalize the writer by making him or her comply.
Rather, we should be willing to comply with a tracking code for the reasons
of making life easier on the administrator and those who wish to volunteer
their time.
Bill Cain brought up some very good thoughts that I think are representative
of many on the list. I would not want to jeopardize the success and
potential use of the list for those who do not want to take the time to code
messages. This ultimately defeats the purpose of the list. Bill's main point
that struck home was the life of the message - i.e., how long is the
information relevant to those who may need to retrieve later. I never really
thought about this.

I have changed my suggestion to this:
1. Code messages only that are relative to engineering issues - all others
will be considered non-general and can be deleted from the archives.
2. Keep the codes very simple - maybe no more than ten or 12, i.e.;
All others fall into the last category. Those who do not code fall into the
last category.

2. This suggestion requires the help of volunteers. Each month, one or two
members review the daily receipt of messages and filter out those that are
not specifically engineering related. This includes deleting all responses
that do not specifically add to the thread (such as those short responses
that really don't offer suggestions but might be personal messages to obtain
information or simply an agreement)and adding codes to those that should be
archived. These same people may also strip out the boiler plate at the
bottom and any duplicate messages from the thread.

These messages can then be forwarded to an address that they will
automatically be archived from.

I am not instituting this idea, just running it past those interested in
commenting. The second suggestion takes a more effort, but if done each day
may only require less than 15 minutes to accomplish.

I don't wish to harm a good thing - but I do see a need to lighten the load
from our SEAint server by relinquishing valuable disk space.

Dennis Wish PE

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How about automatic filtering the messages so that if the subject is not
within set standard, it will go back to the sender. If they have  taken time
to type a message, I'm sure they'll spend just a little bit more to change
subject to get the message through. It could be sent back to the sender with
an easy to "click-on" choice of standard subjects or just a list of avalable
standard subjects to choose from.

If this could be done automatically, then we don't need a volunteer to check
each messages.

Ernie Natividad